The most advanced Mobile Ordering System (MOS) available

Whether you're a large hospitality enterprise or a small operation offering food & beverage with or without servers, your customers demand faster service, loyalty programs, promotional discounts and a better overall experience, including the option to order for themselves for their table or the bar, without the wait. TRAY has everything you need to address today's cutthroat environment of increased minimum wages, impatient Millennials and the omnipresence of Mobile.


The most choices for receiving orders and payments

With the most advanced MOS comes the most flexible order receiving system available anywhere. You'll be able to receive orders in a format familiar to your staff, without having to change your operations or performing extensive training. You can use TRAY with your existing POS printers, or by adding TRAY printers or tablets.


Simple and easy

All you need is our patented smart printers and you can start receiving TRAY orders anywhere, tomorrow. Put one in your kitchen and one in the bar, and you have the simplest and most powerful mobile ordering system ready to go. Accept/reject orders, assign tips and print reports all in one simple to use device. Your staff will pick it up in no time.


Paperless and fast

Do you  have a paperless operation or prefer order monitors at the bar or the kitchen? Mix in one or several of our order monitors or go completely paperless. Ideal for busy kitchens/bars, service wells and runner stations, our monitors can display orders by location or status (new, ready for delivery, ready to charge), assign tips, change order status, display reports, monitor printers, etc.

Monitor in action.jpg
Terminal in action.jpg

Integrated with legacy systems

Do you already have a legacy POS you're invested in such as Aloha, Micros, POSitouch, etc.? Let orders print at your POS's printers or just use your POS for item-level reconciliation and menu synchronization. Use the powerful cloud-based TRAY processing to avoid any EMV compliance issue, or use your existing processor. Or bypass your POS all together and simply integrate emailed reports straight to your financial system. With all these options, getting up and running is a breeze. Be warned though: you'll want to switch to TRAY POS in no time.

Your peers love it

TRAY is helping business nationwide decrease their guest wait times by over 50% and increase revenue by just as much. Watch our video, read our customer case studies and testimonials and you'll understand why an MOS is no longer an option. It's a necessity.

Watch the video

e's bar case study

e's bar case study

Andy's case study

Andy's case study

The TRAY Mobile Ordering System (MOS) is the natural evolution of traditional POS systems. Optimized for taking orders from thousands of mobile devices concurrently, an MOS should be able to handle any load without requiring changes to existing operations. There are many key differences between a POS and an MOS:



Our system and terminals never need to be rebooted or taken offline for changes to take effect. Any changes you make will happen instantly across your entire MOS. 


The TRAY MOS is cloud based, not office based, giving it unlimited flexibility to grow with your business. 

Load balancing

Our MOS knows how to balance orders from multiple sources and then route them without overwhelming your staff. 


When placing orders from table kiosks or their own phones, your guests are notified in real time as real staff members accept, prepare, and deliver the orders. Really. 


TRAY's MOS is built around security for you and your customers. Accept orders from anywhere, from anyone, securely and with peace of mind.