Introducing the Mobile Ordering System (MOS)

An MOS is the natural evolution of traditional POS systems. Optimized for taking orders from thousands of terminals concurrently, an MOS should be able to handle on-premise orders from staff and hundreds or even thousands of patrons without requiring changes to existing operations. There are many key difference between a POS and an MOS:


Because of the large scale, an MOS cannot afford to reboot or take all terminals down for simple configuration changes such as menu updates, pricing changes, new staff, new locations, etc. These must happen instantaneously.


Due to the large capacity of the computer infrastructure required, an MOS cannot use traditional client-server technologies and needs to be cloud-based, not back-office based.

Load balancing

Because it needs to accept orders from thousands of sources an MOS needs to know how to balance the orders without overwhelming the staff, while still maximizing revenue and returns.


Since staff is not entering all orders and there may not be face-to-face interaction before the order is placed, an MOS needs to be able to provide real-time feedback to the user that their order has been accepted by a human. 


Because an MOS is designed to accept orders from everyone, security and privacy need to be a top concern. An MOS need to be fully encrypted, use authentication and protect user privacy.

TRAY was built for Mobile and Cloud

Unlike first generation systems (built for PCs) and second generation systems (built for the cloud, but for which mobile devices were an after-thought), TRAY is a third generation system, designed and built from the ground up for Mobile devices with a Cloud-based back end.  This mean that it runs native on mobile devices and uses a modern architecture to achieve the perfect balance of usability, scalability and an astoundingly beautiful and seamless user experience. TRAY meets all the requirements of a true MOS and has additional benefits not found in any other Enterprise-class systems or POS systems available today:


Unlike other systems TRAY can operate without any POS system, alongside any POS system as its MOS (Mobile Ordering System), as a backup POS or as a full POS replacement.


Forget long waits. TRAY can be up an running fully configured on location anywhere in the United States in five business days from the time of the agreement. Don't believe us? Sign up now and let us prove it.


TRAY has a unique and patented ability to provide real-time order acceptance notifications right from the printer. This ensures seamless integration with most F&B operations, low staff learning curves and full ABC compliance.


Unlike traditional or second generation systems, TRAY doesn't require any wiring, doesn't rely on your internet or Wi-FI network and doesn't go down when power goes down.


Who says mobile says social and no MOS can be complete without a serious social side. TRAY has a unique built-in social network, enabling users to chat with other TRAY users and send each other gifts from any menu, as well as posting to FB. It's truly Millennials-ready.

With TRAY we are able to address the whole user experience and provide real Hospitality.
— Hunter Hall